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Arthritis Study

A clinical study was recently release. This study focused on Arthritis and supplementation of diet with vegetable based enzymes. It comprised of several hundred test patients and was conducted at the Santa Fe Center for Nutritional Medicine in Santa Fe New Mexico . The results were well received. The product showed beneficial effects as compared to other Arthritis remedies. The clinical study took six months. The study found that test patients taking product Neprinol an over the counter systemic enzyme blend found significant relief of their arthritis pain in just a few weeks. Most patients responded with absolutely no symptoms after only six months.

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Recent advances in medicine allow doctors to diagnose arthritis through simple blood test. A patient with arthritis may have significantly high C-Reactive Proteins values. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a specific type of protein produced by the liver that appears only during episodes of acute inflammation. The most important role of CRP is its interaction with the complement system, which is one of the body's immunologic defense mechanisms.

While this is not a specific test, it does give a general indication of acute inflammation. Your health care provider might use this test to check for flare-ups of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or vasculitis.

Neprinol Case Study Osteoarthritis

Study Subject: 45 y/o Male construction worker, recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

Initial Visit

Subjective: Chronic Pain and Inflammation of the wrist and elbow joints (both arms). Uses OTC ibuprofen for relief, regularly.

Objective: Labs showed very high C-reactive protein, high ESR, high platelets, and high Globulin values. Digital Video Blood Microscopy showed significant protein polymerization (oxidative stress), raised platelets, raised poikilocytes, raised fibrin and raised WBCs.

Treatment: 3 Neprinol capsules, twice a day - between meals. Advised to discontinue ibuprofen usage. No other medications or supplements were recommended (for the purposes of the study).

2 Month Follow-Up Visit

Subjective: Still has some pain inflammation of wrists and elbows, but reports symptoms to be markedly improved.

Objective: Labs showed slightly raised C-reactive protein, high ESR, normal platelets, slightly raised Globulin values. Digital Video Blood Microscopy showed moderate protein polymerization (oxidative stress), slightly raised platelets, slightly raised poikilocytes, normal fibrin and slightly raised WBCs.

Treatment: 3 Neprinol capsules, twice a day - between meals. Has discontinued ibuprofen usage.

4 Month Follow-Up Visit

Subjective: Completely pain and inflammation free. No longer uses ibuprofen at all!

Objective: Labs showed normal C-reactive protein, slightly high ESR, normal platelets and normal Globulin values. Digital Video Blood Microscopy showed slight protein polymerization (oxidative stress), normal platelets, very few poikilocytes, no fibrin and normal WBCs.

Treatment: 2 Neprinol Capsules twice daily - between meals.

6 Month Follow-Up Visit

Subjective: Still completely pain and inflammation free.

Objective: Labs are normal. Digital Video Blood Microscopy is normal.

Treatment: 1 Neprinol Capsule twice daily - between meals.

Lab Test Values (Blood) for Neprinol Case Study Osteoarthritis

Lab Test

Initial  Visit

2 Month Visit

4 Month Visit

6 Month Visit

C-reactive protein

<1.0 = Low1.0 - 3.0 = Average3.1 - 10.0 = High

>10 = Persist. Inflammation

13.7 mg/L

11.4 mg/L

7.1 mg/L

2.8 mg/L


Normal Values for Males:

0-15 mm/hour

17.3 mm/hour

16.7 mm/hour

15.2 mm/hour

9.4 mm/hour


Normal Values:

155 - 385 x 103/mm3

397 x 103/mm3

353 x 103/mm3

316 x 103/mm3

317 x 103/mm3


Normal Values:

2.0 - 3.9 g/dL

4.2 g/dL

3.94 g/dL

3.16 g/dL

2.77 g/dL