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Arthur Andrew Medical Products

Arthur Andrew's Medical manufacturing facility is a worldwide leader in enzymes and probiotic products. Their Neprinol, Devacor and Syntol products are considered by health care professionals to be some of the best available enzyme and probiotic products on the market. We offer these products at a discounted rate. Please click on the links above for the specfic product specials.

Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. is a well established provider of effective, high quality enzyme and digestive support products. Arthur Andrew products contain only pharmaceutical grade ingredients from ISO9001 and GMP certified manufacturers.

In 1957, the founder of and formulator of our products, Specialty Enzymes, pioneered a vegetable enzyme derived from papaya fruit. Arthur Andrew's extensive biotech research has led to the development of over 150 unique enzyme solutions that solve the needs of customers in over 30 countries.

Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. is one of the few manufacturers in the world that has developed a full spectrum of all natural enzymes. They use both solid-state and submerge-culture techniques of fermentation to create these highly prized products.

To review the independent research on Neprinol click the Healthy Living cover.
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Multiple case studies involving individuals who suffer from joint pain, cholesterol conditions, and blood pressure issues.
Joint Pain sufferers find new hope when other supplements fail.
Study on Uterine health.


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Neprinol® AFD, their flagship enzyme product is the first to contain a blend of pharmaceutical-grade, extremely pure forms of several important systemic enzymes. It contains an extremely purified form of serrapeptase (sometimes called serratiopeptidase). For learn more about Neprinol and discount pricing information please click here.

There are two main types of enzymes, digestive and systemic. It is important to understand the difference between the two. and

Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring enzyme who's production gradually diminishes with age. Without it our blood vessels would clog, leading to the development of heart conditions in our blood vessels.

Our ligaments, joints and muscles are fibrin-containing connective tissue. If it was not for the enzyme serrapeptase we would build up excess fibrin and other tissue related debris causing inflammation, pain and arthritic symptoms. Even those who receive a sports-related musculoskeletal condition may find benefit and the promotion of healing by supplementing their diet with serrapeptase.


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Syntol AMD is unlike many of the probiotic products available today. Unlike many probiotic's it is a synbiotic product that provides a combination of both probiotic organisms and prebiotics. Prebiotics beneficially affect the digestive tract by creating the correct environment to stimulate the growth and/or activity of probiotics.

The biggest problem with probiotics is stomach acid and shelf-life. Probiotics are living organisms. Stomach acids kill them off and because they are living organisms they have a short shelf-life. That's why you will find some probiotic products in the refrigerated section of your health food store.

To elevate the shelf-life and stomach acid issue Arthur Andrew Medical have developed a revolutionary process in which the probiotic bacteria have been forced into their spore state. Spores are bacteria that, due to unfavorable growing conditions, dehydrate themselves into a kind of "protective shell" that keeps them save until growing conditions are right.

This keeps the Syntol product well-protected and long-lasting without refrigeration. They remain in this state until the proper conditions are met whereupon they rehydrate and grow and multiply. Syntol ADM is the perfect probiotic and prebiotic product. For learn more about Syntol and discount pricing information please click here.


Devacor ADS is a digestive enzyme supplement that maximizes your digestive tracts ability to digest food. Most enzyme supplements provide only a few digestive enzymes or forget the most important issue concerning digestion; The fact that we digest our food in a specific place and in a specific type of environment.

Devacor ADS recreates the body's precise mechanisms for digestion so as to address all areas of digestion. Devacor ADS provides for a unique two-stage system that is specially designed to work exactly like our own digestive system should.

In Stage I Devacor works to unfold and digest coiled proteins and the environment of the stomach is properly recreated so that digestion can safely begin. In Stage II, Devacor releases potassium and sodium bicarbonate exactly when it's supposed to be released and in a 1:2 ratio of potassium and sodium-the same ratio released by the pancreas. Papain in the product further breaks down protein into pieces small enough to be later absorbed. For learn more about Devacor and discount pricing information please click here.