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Astaxanthin for Beautiful Skin, Sunburn and Skin Health, Anti-Aging and Anti-wrinkling

Skin Care and AstaxanthinBeauty is something that world could not live without. While it may not be like food, shelter, clothing, and electricity, whose powers are so obvious to mankind that we know we couldn’t live without, the power that beauty holds above us is a more subtle one; it brings order and peace of mind to those who perceive it; it brings pleasure, and what a world would it be if order, peace, and pleasure cease to exist because beauty disappeared?

There is no doubt beautiful skin is so important that women go through pain in order to achieve it. But what if there was a better and safer way that could reduce and/or eliminate the need for expense procedures that can cause pain and suffering?

Women wear stilettos; bear the pressure of a corset; tolerate the pain of surgery; and persevere in all forms of exercises and diets all in the name of beauty. If beauty carries such a value to itself and if beauty can be achieved through the change of the external parts of the body, then isn’t it just as valuable and important to make changes within oneself, within the chemistry of one’s body, all in order to achieve beauty?

For thousands of years humanity has spent fortunes in searching for the elusive Fountain of Youth – a proof that humanity does so desire beauty that only youth could bring – and now studies have shown that one compound can provides the benefits that only years ago required expensive and sometimes dangerous procedures to achieve. Behold! The endeavors of Science have reached as far back as Columbus and Don Quixote who both raced for the Fountain of Youth.

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Science has discovered the reason of why the skin wrinkles, of why it turns darker under the sun, of why it ages. This aging process is called photo-aging, which is defined as the damage that is done to the skin over a person's lifetime, due to UV radiation[1]. In other words; aging. UV irradiation that we are exposed to over our lifetime ages the skin and ROS, also known as Reactive oxygen species can cause significant damage to cell structures in the skin. This causes the degradation of collagen that results in wrinkle formation and also decreases skin elasticity[2]. However we can’t go without UV irradiation because it is the primary source of Vitamin D production[3]. It’s a double edge sword.

Science has also discovered the concept of oxidation and free radicals. This is another one of the reasons why the skin becomes damaged, and why the skin gets old. In days past we have attempted to slow down the oxidation of the skin by taking Vitamin E, which reduces the aging process, thus keeping the skin younger and more beautiful. This is because Vitamin E is an antioxidant which has the ability to trap the free radicals that causes the aging of the skin. Coffee also has the same effect, but it over-activates the nervous system and it can ruin your patterns of sleep. But what if there was a compound that is five hundred times more powerful than Vitamin E exists, has been shown to provide much more beneficial effects to the skin and is safe?

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Such a substance exists. It is that which makes the salmon’s flesh red and why the shrimps’ exoskeleton red when it is cooked. It is called astaxanthin. Scientific research has shown that it protects against collagen degradation, i.e. wrinkles, sunburn and general skin health. It is a true anti-aging and anti-wrinkling wonder. Unlike Vitamin E, whose over-dosage could lead to negative side-effects, there has been known known adverse side-effects found in taking astaxanthin.

In one study Astaxanthin was shown to increase in moisture level as well as visual wrinkle reduction after four weeks of application[4]. In another study the astaxanthin showed that women with dry skin saw significant improvements in spots and freckles, acne and pimples, dark rings around their eyes and less wrinkling of their skin[5]. Still another test showed that astaxanthin improved fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity in the test subjects skin[6].

So if one desires to keep her skin healthy and beautiful, choosing astaxanthin over vitamin E is a wise decision. If you are interested with the benefits of Astaxanthin for skin care, please compare astaxanthin products offers you the highest quality product for the best price.

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