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Astaxanthin for Weight Loss

VitaminsLosing weight has always been a never ending battle. As we age we find it harder and harder to keep the ever growing pounds off. There are many reasons why we are worry over weight loss. There have been many health complications related to being overweight[1] and you will surely agree that everybody has their own aesthetic reasons.

We like to look trim and healthy. It’s engrained into our society. The results of these needs are the reason for all weight loss products that you can find in the market today. But how do you determine which ones work and which ones don’t? There is ones that don’t work as well as ones that do, but every once in a while there comes a product with a great potential – like Astaxanthin for weight loss.

Astaxanthin is a natural colorant, also known as a carotenoid. It is this substance that is responsible for the pinkish hue of certain seafood’s like salmon, shrimps and lobsters[2]. It is also abundant in microalgae which become the primary source of natural astaxanthin although it is also available from synthetic sources. Synthetic Astaxanthin, which is used primarily for fish food, fetches around $2000 per kg while the natural Astaxanthin, used primarily for supplements, can be priced at about $7000 per kg.

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The many studies on astaxanthin and its benefits prompted George Wald, the Nobel prizewinner that we might just need it for proper growth and survival. Since then, numerous studies have been funded just to know the extent of its benefits to human beings.

Losing weight can be a serious proposition, not only for health related reasons but mental reasons also. Form a medical standpoint, in order to lose weight, a person must create a calorie deficit. In other words you have to burn more calories than you consume. However you need calories to maintain your heartbeat. It can become a double edged sword. The human body requires energy to work at all levels. Everything you do requires energy from the calories that are stored in your body, which come from the food that you eat.

Preliminary studies that focused around weight-loss showed the potential of astaxanthin for weight loss. One of the recent studies which used mice as a test subjects found significant fat reduction and fat accumulation. In subsequent studies it was shown that astaxanthin works because it promotes lipid metabolism rather than the use of glucose in physical activities. It became the strongest reason why taking it as a supplement proved to be great for endurance[3], muscle repair, and for significant weight reduction.

In one weight loss study[4] mice were placed in 2 main groups. One group was exercised and the other was not. These two groups were further divided into three subgroups. The three subgroups were placed on the following diets;

  1. Group one, no exercise;
    • A - a normal diet
    • B - a high-fat diet
    • C - a high-fat diet with astaxanthin (6 mg/kg)
  2. Group two, exercise;
    • A - a normal diet
    • B - a high-fat diet
    • C - a high-fat diet with astaxanthin (6 mg/kg)

Group two was required to complete a 40-minute exercise on a treadmill at 20 meters/minute, three times a week while group one did nothing. After sixty days both groups were examined. There was a significant increase in weight in both high-fat diet groups (1B,2B) as compared to the normal diet groups (1A,2A). However, the high-fat diet with astaxanthin groups (1C,2C) showed that weight gain was significantly suppressed and the animals maintained same weight as the normal diet group (1A,2A). The study further showed that the exercise group on a astaxanthin (2C) regiment saw even greater beneficial effects. This study suggests that Astaxanthin has potential weight-loss benefits.

Not only that, this incredible substance has also shown to be a very powerful antioxidant [5] and as well as provide great vision support benefits [6].

Today, astaxanthin for weight loss or for its many other benefits is available in pill form. You can also supplement it from various food sources, however the amount needed from food sources is substantial and the likelihood of you consuming the needed amount on a daily basis is impracticable.

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