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Beta Glucan - The Different Types, Benefits, Why You Need to Compare and How to Compare

Beta Glucan

The history of Beta Glucan starts of with research conducted by Dr. Louis Pillemer in the 1940's. The research documented a substance that showed immune system support properties, at the time it was called Zymosan. Dr. Nicholas DiLuzio at Tulane University identified the specific immune system support substance as Beta-1, 3-D glucan in the 1970's, also during this time frame experiments with Beta-1, 3-D glucans in humans began.

Pin Discover the Best Types and Sources of Beta Glucan

The market is full of Glucan products. The purpose of this article is not to discuss the quality issues commonly associated with these products. There are many different types of persuasion what marketers and manufactures will use to sell you there product, including the absorption properties.

The purpose of this article is to detail the four most popular sources of Beta glucan. The source is defined as to what the Beta glucan is derived from, i.e. mushrooms, barely, yeast, oats, etc... Each of these sources has been shown to provide different health related benefits. This is important when determine which product you are looking to purchase.

However, while each one has been shown to provide a specific benefit, one Beta glucan product derived from one particular source has also proven to provide the same benefits of the other three in preliminary medical findings. This one is considered "the mother of all Beta glucan products."

Once you determine which Beta glucan product is right for you, your next step will be to determine if the product is a high quality product to ensure it provides you will proper immune support. If you need to review the function of the immune system here is a good place to start.

The market is filled with substandard products these days that offer little or no benefits whatsoever. This site also helps you to determine for yourself how to locate and identify a high quality glucan product.

The four most popular sources of Beta glucan are;

  • Barley - A source of dietary fiber and heart health. This material is the newest kid on the block.
  • Mushrooms - Studies show mushroom derived glucan help support immune system function however not at the effectiveness of yeast derived glucan.
  • Oat - A source of dietary fiber and heart health and has shown beneficial hypocholesterolemic effects.
  • Yeast - One of the most studied, this one is considered "the mother of all Beta glucan's" for its immune system support results as well as in a wide variety of other areas. A great deal of detailed research ranging over 45 years has been done on this yeast-derived material.