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The Immune Support Supplement Pyramid - Easily Identify Which Ones Provide Results

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Believe it or not, the food pyramid was designed in the late 1800's by Caroline Hunt, a nutritionist. In the 2000's a immune support supplement pyramid was created to show the world how effective the most popular immune support supplements are due to the market being flooded with various questionable products.

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This pyramid is based on independent peer reviewed studies conducted (and still being conducted) on the most popular immune support supplements[1].

It visually details the effectiveness of over forty immune support products starting at the foundation and working its way to the top, with the product that provides the most immune support at its apex. At the bottom, you will discover many products producing the same results as saline solution.

food pyramidOver the decades food groups were added, some were taken away. The modern food pyramid came into existence in the early 1990's. Beta Force updates the immune support pyramid when data becomes available.

The Food Guide Pyramid is a visual representation allowing us to better understand how to provide for a balanced diet. The Immune Support Pyramid allows us a better understanding of how to identify the most cost effective supplement.

Proper nutrition allows for our body to provide proper immune support to fight off disease[2]. As stated eailer, US Senate Document #264 states that "99% of the American people are deficient in minerals and a deficiency in any one or more important minerals actually results in disease."

Even our food is deficient in providing us with the proper level of nutrition to maintain our health. Also, with today's modern corporate farming practices our food supply has become contaminated with all sorts of chemicals, in the form of pesticides and insecticides.

Studies have show that this type of contamination also has a negative effect on the immune system. Pesticides have been found to reduce the numbers of white blood cells and disease-fighting lymphocytes and impair their ability to respond to and kill invading bacteria and viruses [3].

immune support pyramid

The immune support pyramid helps us to better understand how to safely support our immune system.

It shows us which immune support products offer you the best immune response for the lowest cost.

Click here to view the immune support pyramid.

Cost to Target Response Level (CTRL) of Immune Support Supplements

As previously discussed, the tests showed the peak level of various immune support products. You could take 10x, 100x, 100x, 10,000x and you still would only see a small immune response.

Page two shows all product costs are well above the costs of the top rated products, so any attempt to reach the performance level of the top rated product would be very cost prohibitive.

Because of this cost prohibitive issue lets take a look at how much of the top rated product it would take to match, or come close to the response level of the lower response products.

The "Cost to Targeted Response Level" (CTLR) is the amount of product you would need to take, to match the immune support response level of the top rated product.

The results speak for themselves;

For a 55.7% immune response increase you could take the following:
Cost Multiplier (CTRL)
No competitors product meets this immune response level.

For a 44.1% immune response increase you could take the following:
Cost Multiplier (CTRL)
quarter of a capsule
four capsules

For a 40.0% immune response increase you could take the following:
Cost Multiplier (CTRL)
eighth of a capsule
eight capsules

For a 37.2% immune response increase you could take the following:
Cost Multiplier (CTRL)
sixteenth of a capsule
sixteenth capsules

For a 33.5% immune response increase you could take the following:
Cost Multiplier (CTRL)
one thirty second
thirty capsules

So if we are buying an immune support product for $15.00, for a 60 capsule bottle of an immune support product, and it takes 32 capsules of this product to equal the desired immune respose of 1 capsule of a high quality $70.00-60 capsule product your costs would be as follows;

  • $15.00 bottle: 15.00/60 = .25 x 32 = $8.00 to produce the desired immune response results.
  • $70.00 bottle: 70.00/60 = 1.16 x 1 = $1.16 to produce the same results as taking 32 capsules of the lower performing product.

Our additional costs would be over double what it would cost if we were purchasing a high quality immune support product.

The results speak for themselves.

When purchasing an immune support product, purchase a product that provides you with the best results for the lowest cost.

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