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Compare and Discover the Difference in Beta Glucan Products

Baker Yeast Beta Glucan

There are many products that claim to contain Beta-1, 3-d glucan and espouse the many benefits that have been shown to go along with it. However, once you research the subject, one comes to the conclusion that not all products that claim to contain it are the same.

Does your product contain the right amount of Beta-1, 3-d glucan?

Many products may contain trace amounts of the substance, or are produced using an inferior extraction processes that renders the product practically useless. This intern may cause adverse reactions such as yeast infections.

What many people maybe unaware of is the different level of purity (i.e. quality) of these Products. Effectiveness of Beta Glucan products is based on active glucose linkage[1] .

Effectiveness appears to greatly decrease if the 1, 3d purity level falls below 80%. There are other active Beta Glucan linkages, like 2,3 and 3,6. These other linkages add to the total amount of carbohydrate content. The important fact here is it is the active glucose linkage that all the amazing research has been completed on, not the 2,3 and 3,6. So when a product is claiming 95% Beta Glucan and not specifically stating the active 1,3-d glucose on the label this is a red flag and buyer beware.

Another issue is contaminates, Inferior products cannot accomplish the "turning on" of the macrophages receptors because the glucose molecule is covered and masked by the contaminants. Some of these contaminates, fats and proteins greatly reduce the effectiveness of the products. Not only do they significantly reduce the ability to enhance a healthy immune response, many may be allergic to some of these excess impurities [1].

Combinations of 1,3 / 1,6 glucose linkages can be found in abundance baker’s yeast and mushrooms, while 1,3 / 1,4 glucose groupings have been located in oat and barley glucans. The 1,3 / 1,6 glucose linkage Beta glucans have been found to provide immune support proprieties, on the other hand 1,3 / 1,4 glucan groupings have only shown to provide cardiovascular support and nothing else. However bakers yeast derived Beta 1, 3d glucan, in one preliminary study has been shown to provide cardiovascular support also. So, if you are looking for a product that appears to encompass just about everything, a yeast derived Beta glucan product appears to be the correct choice in this matter.

Beta 1, 3d glucan has been shown to be a potent non-specific immune-activator. Numerous scientific investigations have demonstrated that 1,3 glucan activates the immune defensive cells, such as neutrophils and macrophages that provide protection from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, and their by-products.

Here is another startling discovery. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture tells it all. This company claims their products is "95%" pure. Their label states "500mg of Beta Glucan." However their capsules weigh in at around 750mg.

Side by Side Capsule Size Comparision

As you can see, when you purchase the alleged "95% pure" product, it is claimed that you are getting 500mg of pure beta glucan. Well then, what is the other 250mgs?

Are they fats, proteins or fillers? Independent tests have proven time after time that these contaminates degrade the effectiveness of the product. After further investigation it was discovered that the manufacture only guarantees 75% Beta Glucan content.

Do you like playing Russian Roulette with your health?

The "micro-sized particle" myth. Another competitor is touting that in order for a Beta Glucan product to be effective it has to be small. Countless thousands have been duped by the "micro-sized" particle scam, on the pretense that smaller is better. "The smaller they grind the particle, the better it will pass through your system." Go to PubMED, search for the safe, effective human oral dose. You will find that human studies show grams of high-quality material, not trace amounts to be effective.

This group professes that the macrophage, the main component of the innate immune system, the first line of defense against invaders, in order for it to consume the glucose particle, it has to be ground down very small. They claim standard glucose particles are "too large" to be effectively consumed by the macrophage.

Beta Force Beta glucan material was tested for just that "assumption."

In an independent test Beta Force material was tagged using fluorescence microscopy and orally fed to test subjects. The test subjects were studied. The results showed that our material were taken up by macrophages that migrate to the spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow. A double-staining with F4/80-PE-Cy5.5 (red) confirmed that all cells containing ingested whole glucan particulate were macrophages.

The glucan found in Beta Force has been shown to be readily consumed by the macrophage and there is an independent test to prove it. This independent proof provides all the evidence necessary to prove the "micronization" claims are false and misleading. "But the micronization group also have 'peer-reviewed' articles on to back up their claims also," we constantly hear from people. However, upon closer examination, you will notice that it appears that the articles are published by one research group only. The material contained in Beta Force products has well over ten. If their product is so effective why aren't other research groups testing itquestion_mark

What is even more amazing is the independent assay test results at R-Tech labs show that the "micro-sized" crowds product contains such a low amount of active Beta 1, 3d glucan it was almost impossible to measure. Another more recent test conducted and the University of Louisville, on over 40 immune support products, showed the the "micro-sized" product produced almost the same immune support characteristics as saline solution, i.e. salt water.

These are just some of the tricks marketers play to get us to purchase their products. Another flag is advertisement. Any high quality product can sell itself, it rely's on the results of the customer and the customer's ability to tell others about it to sell it. It doesn't need to be constantly pushed on TV, Radio and elsewhere to sell it. Does the product you are looking at have a lot of advertisement associated with itquestion_mark

Beta Force capsules weigh in at around 500 to 505 mg AND they are 500mg capsules We list ALL the contents that are in our product ON THE LABEL;

  • 1, 3-linked glucose: 86.6%

  • 1, 6-linked glucose: 2.1%

  • 2, 3-linked glucose: 5.8%

  • 3, 6-linked glucose: 1.9%

  • Terminal glucose: 1.9%

If the label does not specifically identify the active linkage be careful. While not required by law to do so, would it be nice if all manufacturers placed on their labels all elements that were contained in their products. Beta Force has been a leader in the pursuit of complete disclosure.

One company is selling a Beta Right(TM) product for about half the cost using graphs (very similar to ours) that prove they are not telling the truth (hint: they are selling 450mg capsules yet the graph shows that there is 475.2mg of active glucose. They sell it for about half the price of ours. You can't place 475.2mg of material in a 450mg capsule. You can't get 475.2mg of material in a 450mg capsule). After further research on this company's product you will discover that they can only guarantee 60% active glucose. We guarantee 25% above that or higher! (85% active 1, 3-D glucose linkage).

Another company is using charts claiming it is their product that produce the test results yet they are selling a 200mg table. Again, how can you get 475.2mg of glucan in a 200mg productquestion_mark

As you can see manufacturers will do just about anything to win customers over. Usually just by calling and asking some pointing questions one can easily discover the truth.

Once you pushed the issue it becomes very apparent very quick who you are dealing with. Next!

Some questions you may want to ask when you call;

  1. Where can I get a copy of the certificate of analysis?
  2. Will they charge you for it?
  3. Is the certificate properly signed by the manufacture?
  4. Where was the assay testing carried out?
  5. What lab carried out the independent testing?
  6. Is the lab certified by a US government agency?
  7. Is the lab reputable?

We were one of the first to offer independent comparison graphs from a certified reputable lab to show potential customers the quality and purity issues commonly associated with Beta Glucan products. Now everyone is copying us, some are even stealing our graphs to promote their own inferior products.

Other recent independent testing further confirms which Beta Glucan material is the most effective. These tests were carried out at the Universtiy of Louisville and show just how effective many products are at supporting our immune system. Not only was Beta glucan tested, but many others that claim to support the immune system; Click here to review this informative report.

Beta Force

Beta Force products contain 85% active Beta 1, 3d Glucan linkage AND when combined with other active glucose linkages the total Beta Glucan complex exceeds 95%.

All of Beta Forces material is independently verified to meet or exceed the "textbook" quality standard used in peer reviewed studies. If it does not meet or exceed this standard we don't bottle it.

Our product labels display the active ingredient amounts on the label to prove to the purchaser that its products are the purest.

Beta Force products contain 85% or higher active 1, 3-D glucose linkage. Here is a copy of the manufacturers specifications sheet to prove it;

Beta Force manufacturers specifications

When you purchase our products you are getting the highest percentage level of active Beta Glucan linkage content.

Beta Force products contain 85% active Beta Glucan linkage, less then 3% fats and less then 3% proteins.

Beta Force's Glucan 300 material has the lowest amounts of fats and proteins of any Beta Glucan product available. This is documented by independent assay tests conducted at the University of Georgia, Johns Hopkins and R-Tech labs (A division of Land-O-Lakes). Check this Independent verification out for yourself - Test 1; Page 1 - Page 2; Test 2; Page 1 - Page 2.

All of our product is tested before it is bottled. It must meet or exceed the material found in peer review literature (from Harvard, Tulane, etc...). If it does not meet or exceed the quality requirements it's not bottled. It's sold off as a substandard material. If it does not meet or exceed we consider it "bakery sweepings." Please be aware that every batch of our material is tested in this manner, and the most recent certificates of Analysis can also be made available upon request. If we posted every certificate created of each batch, there would be hundreds of them to sort through.

This is very important: All of the testing that has taken place on glucan products has been on material that contained highest amount of active 1, 3-D glucose linkage (80%), not 60%, 70% or 75% material. Some of these tests have been independently conducted on anthrax, cancer, safety and general immune enhancement with incredible results.

All the peer reviewed literature (medical, university and government labs) demonstrating beneficial results in-vitro (in the body) used material free of access fats and proteins. A quick review of the peer reviewed literature available online at PubMED supports this [1].

To review the independent test results of the top Beta Glucan products - Click Here.

Before you purchase any Beta glucan product, educate yourself on the elements necessary to insure that the product you intend to purchase is high quality, "text book"; perfect. Discover what these little known elements are, on this site.

Many Beta glucan products have high amounts of fats and proteins which renders them practically worthless. Studies have shown the higher the fat and protein content the less absorption through the intestinal walls. Does the manufacture of the product you are taking disclose the amounts of fats and proteins in it? This page contains information on the latest products available to you that are claimed to contain Beta glucan.

Discover the proper purity level, processing and testing techniques. Then compare and determine for yourself which products contain the right form, quality and purity for yourself.

[1] Specificity of membrane complement receptor type three (CR3) for beta-glucans. Ross GD, Cain JA, Myones BL, Newman SL, Lachmann PJ. Complement. 1987;4(2):61-74. PMID: 3040332