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Compare Probiotics

How to Compare Probiotics

When looking for a Probiotic... Beware of Marketers who try to sell you products "at wholesale" or "big discounts," you could just be purchasing garbage. Some important issues you should be aware of and how to spot the good ones from the bad...

The word probiotic comes from the Greek word meaning "for life." Probiotics were first identified in 1953 to denote all organic and inorganic food complexes in contrast to harmful antibiotics. This article was written based on years of peer-reviewed medical research on probiotics conducted at some of the most respected medical universities and centers known. Here is a simple eight step process you can use to identify a high quality probiotic from a low quality one;

1) Most probiotic supplements are destroyed in the stomach. Studies have shown that 99% of unprotected probiotics are destroyed when exposed to stomach acid for 60 minutes, that average time food spends in the stomach[1]. Is yours unprotectedquestionmark

2) Many probiotic manufactures come up with "fancy" artificial methods in an attempt to protect their probiotics from being destroyed in the stomach by our stomach acid. Many of these questionable delivery methods are unproven. Some even use acrylic acid! What does yours use...

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3) Many probiotics require special care or they can be destroyed. High temperatures, high oxygen levels moisture and direct light can destroy them[2]. Does your need refrigeratedquestionmark

4) Shelf life. Probiotics do not have a long shelf life in their active form. In most cases refrigeration is required to maintain the shelf life. What is your probiotics shelf life...

5) What form does your probiotic come inquestionmark Some experts believe that pressing a probiotic into pill form may kill off a majority of the bacteria[3]. Is your pressed...

6) What types of bacteria are included in your probioticquestionmark Many manufactures do not take into account the competitive nature of bacteria. They may contain strains of bacteria that compete against or actually kill one another rendering the product much less effective. What strains of beneficial bacteria does yours containquestionmark

7) Do they contain prebioticsquestionmark These are needed as nourishment for the probiotic bacteria so they can survive, grow and colonize the bowels. A good probiotic formula would include Fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS as a prebiotic. FOS's pass safely through the stomach and small intestine and act to stimulate the growth of probiotic's and bifidobacteria in the large intestine by fermenting and creating ideal conditions for microflora colonization[4].

8) Yeast is a big problem in modern culture due to the processed foods we consume daily. Probiotic's do an effective job of cleaning up excess yeast growth AFTER the cell walls of yeast have been penetrated and destroyed by enzymes our body produces. However, as we grow older, or are subjected to antibiotics, our bodies ability to destroy these foreign invaders diminishes and we succumb to yeast infections. Having yeast cell wall destroying enzymes included in a probiotic is also an added bonus. Research from Rice University shows that 70% of all people are affected by candida, a systemic fungal infection[5]. Does yours contain components that can destroy yeastquestionmark

Which probiotic products meet this requirement?

Compare Probiotics

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