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Fibrinolytic Activity

Fibrinolytic activity (fī·bri·nō·li·tik ak·ti·vi·tē), is defined as the ability of some proteolytic enzymes to dissolve fibrin. Fibrin in blood clots facilitate wound healing. It is a fibrous protein involved in the clotting of blood. Along with platelets, tt is a componenet of the clotting process. Some of the processes that fibrin is involved in is; signal transduction, blood coagulation, platelet activation, and protein polymerization.

Excessive production of fibrin can lead to blood clotting inside a blood vessel, also called thrombosis, that can obstruct the flow of blood in the body. Any manufacture who really values producing a high quality product will have the ability to test incoming components to determine whether or not they are meeting the quality control guidelines. Authur Andrews is one such company, however a really good manufacture will also send out their products for testing, to an independent 3rd party lab, that is FDA approved to back up their own testing.

The fibrinolytic activity test is considered one of the accepted standards for determining a high quality enzyme product. While an assay is generally used to specifically measure the strength of the enzyme, the same method can be applied to any enzyme formula to measure its ability to break down fibrin[1]. Fibrinolytic testing is an excellent way to discover a product’s ability to eliminate unwanted proteins, i.e. fibrin, and other waste materials from the body[2]-[3].

Below is the results of 3rd party independent tests conducted on the most popular systematic enzymes supplements. This controlled study was conducted by an independent third party laboratory. Venture Laboratories, Inc. offers quantitative analysis of enzyme levels in a variety of matrices ranging from industrial preparations to levels in food ingredients such as honey. They offer several routine assays certified by the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) or AOAC. The following results were based upon a controlled study performed by Venture Laboratories. Each product sample was purchased directly from the manufacturer by Venture to ensure proper handling, storage, and batch freshness.

fibrinolytic activity

As you can see Neprinol provides us with the highest amount of fibrinolytic activity of any systematic enzymes product, almost twice the amount over the closest competitor. Click here to view larger version of this fibrinolytic activity chart.

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  • Strong antioxidant effect
  • Antibacterial properties help clean the bowels and eliminate dead debris
  • Oxidizes fatty acids enhancing the reduction of LDL cholesterol
  • Lowers C-Reactive protein, an inflammation marker to heart related conditions
  • Clinically tested to dissolve arterial plaque and thrombus
  • Excellent cardiovascular support and cellular repair properties
  • Works continuously throughout the pH variations of the digestive tract
  • Improves absorption of amino acids
  • Emulsifies deposits of cholesterol and fibrin
  • Repairs muscle tissue and connective fiber
  • Boosts energy levels, increase alertness and concentration
  • Useful to archive leaner body mass, and/or protein utilization suffers
  • Non-toxic pain reliever
  • <Activates plasmin, the body's naturally released fibrinolytic enzyme
  • Thins mucus
  • Dissolves the lsoprin bond on viruses

Neprinol AFD is truly a one-of-a-kind product. Its makers have carefully chosen a combination of quality enzymes, have been able to purify the enzymes so that they reach exceptionally high standards and have placed them within a delivery system that maximizes the absorption of a group of enzymes that can truly make a difference in our health. Neprinol® AFD has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and should not be used in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical disease.


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