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Glucan 300 - The Worlds #1 Immune System Support Product

glucan 300

Over the last several decades, many researchers and clinicians have examined the effects of Beta-1, 3-D glucan on wound repair and other healing processes after injury even surgery. I offer an overview of how the immune system plays such a vital role in rapid recovery from these insults.

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Independent study conducted at University of Louisville identifies which product provides for the best overall immune support function.

Glucan 300 has been rated the #1 immune support through independent tests released from the University of Louisville.

Beta Force 500's and 100's products, available through Beta Force, are 100% glucan 300. The 500 and 100 represent the size of the capsule, the glucan 300 represents the Beta 1, 3-d glucan material inside of the capsule.

The University of Louisville tested Transfer Point Glucan 300 against many of the most popular immune system support products available on the market today, not just products claiming to contain Beta glucan.

This study has been published in The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association. JANA is the leading peer-reviewed journal on nutraceuticals and nutrition.

Professional health care providers consider it the go to manual for identifying safe and effective dietary supplements for their practice and/or personal use.

JANA is a comprehensive publication that contains peer-reviewed articles, editorials, opinion articles, book reviews and interviews with leaders in the fields of nutraceuticals, MD's, researchers and others that are involved in the clinical use of nutraceuticals.

The study, titled "An Evaluation of the Immunological Activities of Commercially Available Beta 1, 3 Glucans"

The tests conducted on the various products were;

  • Phagocytosis
  • Surface markers on splenocytes
  • Cytokine synthesis
  • Stimulation of antibody response

To review the results of this independent test on beta glucan and other products click here.

Overview of each test;

Phagocytosis[1] is the attacking and consumption of bacteria or other foreign matter by phagocytes, all so known as white blood cells. Phagocytes are the foot soldiers of the immune system who's primary responsibility is to destroy diseased cells or invaders in our body. Without effective Phagocytosis our body would succumb to disease and/or infection.

Splenocytes are spleen cells (e.g. lymphocytes, granulocytes, other immune cells). These cells play an important role in regulation of immune responses, including CD4 and CD8.

The importance of CD4 cells cannot be underestimated. When CD4 cells drops below 400 per microliter, the bodies immune response is greatly reduced. Our ability to fight any threat is seriously hampered. We then become hyper susceptible to the wide variety of pathogens that we are exposed to during our daily life, especially viruses and fungi, that normally inhabit our tissues without harming us[2].

Cytokine are considered the "communication line" between different cells and therefore play a direct role in immune response. The faster Cytokine's are synthesized the more effective the response rate of the immune system. This is where immune system support products can play an important role.

Antibodies, as so known as immunoglobulins, are Y-shaped proteins that identify and neutralize foreign invaders in the body, including fungi, bacteria and viruses. They are the method that the immune system uses to tag a unknown body "friend or foe.[3]" Just as with Cytokine synthesization, the faster the body can produce Antibodies, the more effective it can be at overcoming any threat against it. Another area an effective immune system support product can play an important role.

To review the results of this independent test on beta glucan and other products click here.

Many products that claim to support proper immune system function do not even provide proof of their actual claim. Others use a single test result to make the claim, usually the rate of increase of Natural Killer Cells, which is a single component of the immune system. This theory is flawed because it is only looking at one response characteristic. The immune system is a complex system comprising of many components.

A proper test to establish effective immune support would be to compare more then one component for immune system response. These are the tests that were performed at the University of Louisville and a wide variety of immune system support products.

The independent test results showed that Transfer Point Beta glucan products out performed all the competitors. To review the results of this independent test on beta glucan and other products click here.

The graph below represents independent tests results, carried out at the University of Louisville, on the ability of various Beta Glucan products to increase phagocytosis. Is your product among them...


The control was saline solution. One product's material, Beta Force Beta Glucan offers us the highest response rate of any immune support product and it is independently verified. As the results show, most of the other products offer the same response as saline solution, i.e. salt water.

Cost Analysis: The study also looked at what type of immune response was shown based upon the dosage amount. The test showed how much of a dosage was required to reach the peak response level of the product that provided the best response. The higher the response level, the better our immune systems can react to, and overcome an invader.

This test helped us determine how much more of a lower responding product is required to reach the same level as the top performing product. So, if a product required thirty two times (32X) the amount of material to reach or come close the response level of the best performing product, it would cost you 32X the amount. This is the cost multiplication factor required (CMF) to produce the same, or similar results. We call this CMF. See how you can compute this for yourself;

Product A cost $12.95 per bottle and requires 32 X the amount to produce the same immune response results.

  • $12.95 x 32 = $414.40

The top performing product cost $69.95 per bottle and produces the same amount and 32 X the amount of product A.

  • $69.95 x 1 = $69.95

Savings: $414.10 - $69.95 = $344.15 savings for the same, or similar immune response, a 413% savings.

Products requiring a minimum of four times (4x) the amount and cost of Glucan 300 for same immune support effect...
  • Wellmune™ WGP by Biothera
  • Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan manufactured by NOW™
  • Immune Builder™
  • RM10™

Products requiring a minimum of eight times (8x) the amount and cost of Glucan 300 for same immune support effect...
  • PSK Krestin manufactured by Kureha Corp.
  • MaitakeGold 404™ manufactured by Tradeworks Group, Inc.

Products requiring a minimum of thirty-two times(32x) the amount and cost of Glucan 300 for same immune support effect...
  • Epicor™ manufactured by Diamond V
  • Immutol™ manufactured by Biotec ASA
  • RM-10™ manufactured by Garden of Life

Products requiring a minimum of sixty-four times (64x) the amount and cost of Glucan 300 for same immune support effect...
  • Beta 1,3 Glucan manufactured by Vitamin World
  • Beta Glucan 1,3 Glucans manufactured by Solgar™
  • Beta Sweet: Southeast Asia
  • BETAMax manufactured by Chisolm Biological Labs
  • BioBran™ manufactured by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Glucagel™ manufactured by GraceLinc Ltd.
  • Immunity Booster™ manufactured by Twinlab™
  • Immune Builder™ manufactured by Mushroom Science
  • Immune Factors™ manufactured by Andrew Lessman
  • Immune Renew™ manufactured by NOW™
  • Manapol™ manufactured by Carrington Labs
  • Manapol™ Plus MaitakeGold 404® manufactured by Carrington Labs
  • MC-Glucan manufactured by Macrocare Tech., Ltd., Korea
  • Oat Beta Glucan 1000™ manufactured by Dr.David Wheeler
  • Senseiro manufactured by Kyowa Engineering, Japan
  • Transfer Factor™ manufactured by Source Naturals™
  • Wolfberry Powder manufactured by Rich Nature™ Nutraceutical Labs

Products requiring a minimum of one-hundred sixty times (160x) the amount and cost of Glucan 300 for same immune support effect...
  • Advanced Ambrotose™ 375 manufactured by Mannatech, Inc.
  • Advanced Colostrom Plus™ manufactured by Symbiotics
  • AHCC ImmPOWER™ (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) manufactured by American BioSciences, Inc.
  • ASTRAGALUS manufactured by SmartBasic
  • Baker's Yeast manufactured by Fleischman's™
  • Cell Forte/IP6/Inositol manufactured by Enzymatic Therapy
  • MacroForce™manufactured by ImmuDyne, Inc.
  • Maximum Beta Glucan™ manufactured by Young Again Nutrients
  • NSC 100™ manufactured by Nutritional Supply Corporation
  • Vitamin C manufactured by Cognis
  • ViscoFiber™ manufactured by Cevena
  • ASTRAGALUS manufactured by SmartBasic

Products having the same immune support effect as saline solution...
  • 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ manufactured by 4Life Research
  • ACTIValoe™ manufactured by Aloecorp, Inc.
  • Ambrotose™ manufactured by Mannatech, Inc™.
  • BioChoice™ Immune 26 manufactured by Legacy for Life, Inc.
  • Vitamin C manufactured by AIDP, Inc.

For a more detailed analysis containing a visual graphs immune support products click here.

Beta Force Glucan 300 - The Only Answer

Transfer Point Glucan 300, also refered to here as Beta Force 500's, is Scientifically Proven to Maintain and Enhance your Immune System Through Independent Testing.

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED. If you can find another competitor's price within 30 days of your purchase of our Beta glucan product we will meet any internet competitor's DELIVERED price on the identical product.

Beta Force Glucan 300 has been verified to be the most effective overall immune system support supplement in an independent study conducted at the University of Louisville and published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA).

Has Been or is Being Tested at 10 Major Universities and 3 Government Agencies.

Our Base Beta Glucan Material Has the Greatest Research Behind it (>10 published Preclinical/Clinical Studies) and are Supported by an International Group of Scientific, Government and Military Collaborators. Our Material Has Been Tested in Preclinical and Clinical Studies on:

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More Research

  • Ongoing Research is Being Conducted in Collaboration with the US Government.
  • Rated #1 Against over 400 other Immune Support Supplements in Independent Testing (unpublished).
  • Some Studies have Reported that Beta 1,3-D glucan Promotes Rapid Recovery from Radiation and Chemotherapy.
  • Amazing Testimonials are Frequently given About our Products.
  • Ongoing Research, Our Products are Backed by World Leading Scientists.
  • Independently Verified to Confirm Quality.
  • Protected by over 200 US and International Patents.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic, No Known Adverse Side-Effects. Tested for Safety and Efficacy in Human Clinical Trials. "it's as safe as eating a piece of bread."
  • State of the Art U.S. Based Manufacturing Facilities.
  • $250 Million Dollar Technology Research Base.
  • Rated Number 1 in Independent Testing Against the Top Beta Glucan Products Offered by Others Companies.
  • Contains the Largest Percentage of Active Beta 1, 3-D Glucan Per Capsule.
  • Contains the Lowest Fats and Proteins Per Capsule.
  • The Only Beta Glucan Product Proven in Vivo to Enhance Immune Protection Against Community and Hospital Acquired Infections.
  • Rated in Independent Tests Best Value Per Dollar.
  • Powerful Natural Immune Booster.

SHIPPING IS FREE for all new customers on purchases of $50 or more and for repeat customers of $100 or more.* Note: Beta 500's Beta Glucan - 60 Count - 500mg - $69.95.

30 DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you are not completely satisfied with the products you receive, return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund.

Privacy assured, we do not disclose any personal information to anyone.

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[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phagocytosis
[2] http://ss.niah.affrc.go.jp/publication/topics/
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody