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Immune System Response Test Results Rock Supplement Industry

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Immune Support Test Results
Lastest peer-reviewed test results on immune system supplements and IL-2 Production.

Phagocytosis is a major function of immune support. It is the starting point at which the immune system begins its attack on foreign invaders to not only destroy them, but to identify them.

Phagocytosis and Immune Support

Independent test results at a leading university, that compares immune system support products confirms which products produce the best immune response for the lowest cost. This article provides you with a visual graph so you can easily see which products produce real immune support results[1].

Our immune system is responsible for protecting us against infection. Without it we would succumb to any one of the many diseases floating around that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

It is under constant bombardment, whether from the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink, not to mention whatever man can throw at it. In today's world, we need to maintain a healthy immune system. It's important to recognize this fact.

Viruses, bacteria and fungi form the main weapons that are aligned against us. Without the ability to combat these organisms, our lives would be turned upside down by the 'explosion' of disease that would inevitably destroy us.

The Immune System is one of the most complex biological systems in your body. Without it we would perish, or with a weakened one we would become much more susceptible to diseases.

Nutrition plays a very important part in maintaining proper immune system function.

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With proper nutrition we are less susceptible to diseases. Proper nutrition allows for our body to provide proper immune support to fight off disease[2].

However a report, produced by the government, detailing the nutritional value of American's food supply, US Senate Document #264 states; "99% of the American people are deficient in minerals and a deficiency in any one or more important minerals actually results in disease."

Since so few of us consume foods genuinely fresh, nutritious and unadulterated, practically all of us need to supplement our diets with nutritional supplements that supports proper immune support function.

Isn't that the real purpose of nutritional supplements anyway, to feed our body's needs, so our immune system can do its job on its own?

We owe it to ourselves, family and friends to discover how to identify safe and effective immune support products.

phagocytosisPhagocytosis is defined as the engulfing and ingestion of bacteria or other foreign bodies by phagocytes. It is an important defense against infection and disease. It is the rate of response of this process which can mean the success or failure of the immune system to destroy the invader/threat.

Effective phagocytosis and the killing of invading pathogens by neutrophils is important for successful resistance to diseases[3]. Phagocytosis also is the mechanism by which the body disposes of dead or dying cells[4]. Cell injury is the starting point for most diseases[5].

Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that play a major role in the body's defense against bacteria, viruses and fungi. They play an important role in the defense against invading microorganisms. They are the frontline of defense within the innate immune system of our bodies.

Below is a graph of various popular immune support products. This graph is the result of independent studies conducted at the University of Louisville that shows the immune response of specific immune support products. The specific response studied was the neutrophil's ability of phagocytosis.

immune support test results graph

As the above graph shows, there is a big difference among immune support products. The dosages used in this test were exactly the same.

Some products have almost no scientific support, while others like the high-quality Beta-glucan product used in this study, have decades of supportive research and include research into the mechanism of action.

Mechanism of action is the documented mechanism by which a pharmacologically active substance produces an effect on a living organism or in a biochemical system.

The most startling revelation was the material used as the negative control material. The material used as the negative control was saline solution, i.e. salt water. As the results show, most of the products provided about the same immune response as the salt water control, whereas the high quality Beta-Glucan product provided almost a doubling of immune response.

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