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Immune Support and Research Based Evidence.

Immune Suppport

Finding the right immune support supplement can be dizzying. A day's worth of reading advertisement after advertisement about how this or that product has superior immune support can confuse anyone. In the end, you're left with only one solid fact: they're just advertisements.


The only bias-free evaluations of immune support products come from scientific research. Unless you have a degree in biochemistry or a medical doctorate degree, however, interpreting the meaning of the research you read is nearly impossible. If you are able to understand the research, there are a few things you'll want to know about the product:

(1) Does the product actually show effectiveness in immune support?

(2) Is the product of a purity standard comparable to the high purity extracts used in research?

(3) Does the research reveal any mechanism by which the product is supposed to work? If you can't answer "yes" all three of these questions, then you may be throwing your money away if you buy a particular product.

(4) Is your product supported by independent, published, peer-reviewed medical research? Lets break this down to understand what was just said;

  • Independent; meaning the manufacturer did not conduct the study. This removes any questions as to the accuuracy of the study
  • Published; many studies are submitted for review to be published, however many do not pass the review process and are rejected. Therefore they are not published because the fail to meet the stringent requirements of the publication.
  • Peer-Reviewed; this is part of the review process. The study is reviewed by the researchers peers and they determine if it is an important finding. The study also lists the methods used in the test so other researchers can perform the test for themselves to see if they get the same results.

Over the past decade published, peer reviewed medical studies have been released that confirm which immune support products work and which ones do not. This research has reviewed specific components and processes of the immune system. While all components and processes of the immune system have an important role to play in proper and effective immune support, throughout the last century and into this one, medical science has identified which specific components and processes play the most important roles. It is these components and processes a immune support supplement should support;

  • IL-2 production, or (IL-2) is a regulatory peptide that is required for growth and differentiation of lymphocytes and antigen-specific T lymphocytes.
  • Nitrite Oxide Production; plays a important role in the immune system in which components produce nitrite oxide for the purpose of killing bacteria.
  • Phagocytosis; is a major function of immune support. It is the starting point of the immune systems attack on a invader...
  • Superoxide Anion; is a compound that has several functions. It is utilized by the immune system to kill foreign pathogens and microorganisms.

Does your immune support supplement have any independent, published, peer-reviewed medical research that proves it provides proper immune support? The compenents and/or process listed above detail peer reviewed research on products and/or compounds claimed to support proper immune support function. Anyone who is interested in immune support supplements will find these studies very important.