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MSM Quality Issues

What is the best MSM?

Organic v Inorganic - explained

MSM extracted from organic source (organic - from living source) is highly bio-available, compatible at the cellular level, and beneficial to health.

It will be noted that herbs and herbal extracts have been used for their curative properties for thousands of years and used correctly, rarely cause unwanted side effects.

In contrast, chemically manufactured inorganic substances (many pharmaceutical drugs are chemically produced copies of the elements found in herbs and plants) are often incompatible at the digestive and cellualr levels resulting in the growing number of side effects experienced by people taking prescription type medications.

The Federal Drug Administration in America publish annual figures of 100,000 to 120,000 deaths per year resulting directly from prescription medications with a further two million people suffering from moderate to severe side effects !

For details of inorganic MSM - see below

Inorganic source MSM

Petroleum derived MSM is manufactured in industrial chemical plants and petrochemical plants in many Countries. This type of MSM used primarily in animal feeds (animal grade MSM) and has found it’s way into multilevel marketing (MLM) products and even some high class nutritional supplements suppliers.

The chemical composition is the same of course for both organic and inorganic MSM, so unfortunately a laboratory test won't tell you if the MSM is from an organic or inorganic source. Purchasing an MSM product is solely down to the trust you have in your supplier and the motives behind their business.

MSM from the Far East

In an interview with Larry King on the American CNN TV Network, Dr Ronald M Lawrence - a leading advocate for the use of MSM warned about the impure grades of MSM which are currently being imported from China.

Shell Fish from China - Current UK Ban.

There is a blanket ban on shellfish products which applies to shrimp products farmed in China.

There has been concern about antibiotic levels in Hatcheries and this has come through to the shrimp.

Glucosamine is produced from prawn shells and thus is affected by the ban.

Chondroitin - an animal derived product is under ban too as is all animal derived products, main concern meats.

Animal grade MSM

The basic form of MSM was discovered over 20 years ago but long before studies were done for human nutritional use, it became widely used by race horse owners and vetinarians for successfully combating a wide range of animal complaints.

Animal grade MSM, commonly called "Horse Powder" is a basic and impure form of MSM suitable for animal use only. It can sometimes be detected by a very slight sulphur odour, also the crystals tend to be very small in size resembling a powder.

Pure MSM has no odour and the crystal size is generally larger.

A high specification laboratory report will reveal any impurities.

Incidentally, out of all the different types and brands of MSM available on the market, LIGNISUL MSM™ was the first to be manufactured specifically for human nutritional use to exacting ISO 9002 purity standards. It was by far the purest sample tested.

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MSM containing fillers

Fillers like magnesium stearate are added to many commercial products for bulking purposes i.e. it fills the tubs/capsules up.

One brand of MSM capsules contains 25% filler. Talc (unscented) is another popular bulking filler.

If your MSM Crystals, powder or capsules contain filler - change your supplier !

Filler Test

There is a simple test which you can do to check if your MSM contains any of the basic fillers like Magnesium Stearate or talc.

How to test:

1. Depending which form it is in, simply dissolve the contents of about 6 capsules / four tablets or 1 (one) teaspoon of MSM in a glass of warm water (MSM dissolves more quickly in warm water).

2. In the case of Crystals, Powder or Capsules, after fully dissolved, the water in the glass should appear totally clear. If it has a milky or cloudy look it’s certain that it contains a filler/s. In the case of Tablets a small amount of Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide is generally deemed necessary to the tablet making process !

The above test is for fillers only - silicates and flow agents do not show up using this method.

MSM containing silicates, flow agents and anti-caking agents

Silicates, flow agents and anti-caking agents are added commercially for product appearance and ease of packing.

If the MSM in a tub is like free-flowing powder it is certain to contain one or more flow agents.

Pure organic MSM forms naturally into larger crystals i.e.. The powder in your container should therefore appear like white lumpy crystals!

Lignisul MSM is a non-animal-based nutritional supplement and is an all-natural source of MSM manufactured in the USA. In addition, Lignisul has been certified Kosher-Parve by the Kosher Overseers Associates of America.

MSM in tablet form

Cheaper grades of MSM are generally used in tablets. The tablet binding process renders MSM less bio-available. However, we recently examined some tablets containing high quality organic MSM which has been compressed into tablets with a small amount of Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

Tablets are great to take to work or while on holiday, so although you loose a little on quality, you gain in convenience and ease of use!

MSM containing heavy metals

Some MSM contained small amounts of heavy metal content - Only high specification laboratory reports revealed these -Animal Grades and those imported from the far East should be avoided - click here for more information.

Lignisul MSM is a non-animal-based nutritional supplement and is an all-natural source of MSM manufactured in the USA. In addition, Lignisul has been certified Kosher-Parve by the Kosher Overseers Associates of America. The capsules are porcine.