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Neprinol AFD Research: A Potent Enzyme Combination.

Independently tested and proven to provide the highest level of fibrinolytic enzyme activity of any systemic enzyme available.

Neprinol AFD is the first nutritional supplement to contain a blend of pharmaceutical-grade, extremely pure forms of several important systemic enzymes, that together can be much more helpful than single enzyme preparations alone. As you'll see, packed inside one small capsule, are several potent enzymes that affect almost all aspects of our health.

Enzymes need proper conditions and the proper "helper molecules" (or coenzymes) in order to do their jobs. You'll see that, when creating the proper combination of enzymes in Neprinol® AFD, the makers of the product included the necessary coenzymes. If, for one reason or another, we don't have enough of the right kind of enzymes, parts of our bodies fail. In fact, it's been established that the amount of enzymes in our body decrease with aging. Replacing these enzymes has been scientifically shown to reduce the biochemical effects of aging on the body.

Any respectable manufacturer who really values producing a high quality product will have the ability to test incoming components to determine whether or not they are meeting the quality control guidelines developed and proven in peer review studies[1], however a really good manufacture will also send out their products for testing, to an independent 3rd party lab, that is FDA approved to back up their own testing. Authur Andrews is one such company.

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Independent tests conducted at a FDA certified lab on the most popular systemic enzymes products proves Neprinol provides the highest level of fibrinolytic activity.This enzyme product is the most cost effective, highest quality product available today. Further, Arthur Andrew Medical tests each of the components of their products to ensure they meet or exceed the quality level required to produce the results seen in peer-reviewed medical literature. Assay tests are conducted on these components, as well as an activity test, called the fibrinolytic activity test (FU) to gauge quality and strength of an enzyme product.

The Best Ingredients and Found in Neprinol

Neprinol contains Honda Nattokinase, from Japan. Japan produces the highest quality supplements componenets in the world. Honda also manufactures enzymes. As a matter of fact it was a Japanese professor who discovered Nattokinase. "Honda Trading has worked with the discoverer of Nattokinase, Hiroyuki Sumi, a professor at the Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, to develop a way to...."[2]-[3].

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The most scientifically advanced broad spectrum enzyme blend available today.

Let's look at the valuable enzymes that Neprinol® AFD contains and why supplementing our diet with this combination of enzymes can have remarkable effects on nearly all of our body systems:

Contains an extremely purified form of serrapeptase (sometimes called serratiopeptidase). Serrapeptase acts as a proteolytic enzyme in several body systems. This means that it breaks down unhealthy proteins. It also activates plasmin, our naturally-occurring fibrinolytic enzyme. Activated fibrinolytic enzymes break down fibrin, a protein in our bodies that is involved in the inflammation of connective tissue, as well as in creating the lattice-like tissue that collects blood cells and cholesterol in the making of a blood clot.

Without enzymes like serrapeptase, our blood vessels would become clogged, leading to the development of heart conditions in our blood vessels. Our fibrin-containing connective tissue, that which forms our ligaments, joints and muscles, would build up excess fibrin and debris, causing inflammation, pain and arthritic symptoms. Serrapeptase blocks the release of pain-causing molecules released from inflamed tissues and helps keep arthritic symptoms in check. Even those who receive a sports-related musculoskeletal condition may find benefit and the promotion of healing by supplementing their diet with serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase has been shown to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Control tissue inflammation
  • Thin out mucus secretions
  • Break down the protein shell in some viruses
  • Reduce tissue swelling from injury
  • Promote tissue healing
  • Reduce mucus

With most enzymes blends, a typical serving size is 1-2 capsules, providing an average of 1,000 to 2,000 FU's. Provides 15,000 FU's per serving, yielding 133% higher activity levels.

Is the first systemic blend to have 100% pharmaceutical grade components. Click here for ingredients. Suggested use: As a dietary supplement 1 to 2 capsules in the morning and/or at bedtime in between meals with 8oz. of water.

Contains a highly purified enzyme called nattokinase. This enzyme, like serrapeptase, also has fibrinolytic properties and is particularly useful in the breakdown of the fibrin that builds up in our arteries and, if not degraded, participates in the forming of blood clots. Scientific research has found that nattokinase, in particular, removes blood clot formations that build up along the walls of our arteries as can happen in the early stages of the development of a heart conditions in the extremities.

If, therefore, one is at risk, nattokinase may be particularly preventative against their development. Studies have shown that nattokinase reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis, the kind of blood clot some people get when sitting in a car or on an airplane for a long period of time. In one specific study, nattokinase was given to volunteers taking a very long airplane flight. Other participants were given a placebo. Of those that received nattokinase, none of them developed a deep vein thrombosis, the type of blood clot in the deep veins of the legs one can develop when they dangle too long. On the other hand, several people who received placebo developed this kind of clot.

Nattokinase also reduces the "thickness" of our blood, resulting in its smoother transport through our bloodstream. This carries the effect of lowering our blood pressure as well. In our digestive tract, nattokinase acts like an antibiotic and can kill dangerous bacteria.

Another powerful molecule in Neprinol® AFD is coenzyme Q10, provided in a highly purified form. Generally speaking, a coenzyme, like this one, is a molecule that is necessary for an enzyme to work properly. Coenzyme Q10 has potent anti-oxidant properties. As an anti-oxidant, coenzyme Q10 reduces free radicals, stimulates our metabolism and helps our cells' mitochondria (the energy-producers) do their job.

Research studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 helps support proper heart function. Animal studies have shown the effectiveness of coenzyme Q10 concerning blood sugar and in decreasing the effects of aging. A research study in Japan , for example, determined that a particular strain of rats, known to be prone to the effects of aging, reduced this problem when their diets were supplemented with coenzyme Q10.

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Neprinol® AFD contains several other helpful enzymes, including papain, which has anti-inflammatory properties, rutin, which is also an anti-inflammatory agent, Vitamin C and Magnesium, a coenzyme necessary for many enzymes to work.

Because enzymes are sensitive to the acidity of your stomach, Neprinol AFD comes in capsules that protect the enzymes until they reach the middle of the intestinal tract, where they are then absorbed.

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  • Strong antioxidant effect
  • Antibacterial properties help clean the bowels and eliminate dead debris
  • Oxidizes fatty acids enhancing the reduction of LDL cholesterol
  • Lowers C-Reactive protein, an inflammation marker to heart related conditions
  • Clinically tested to dissolve arterial plaque and thrombus
  • Excellent cardiovascular support and cellular repair properties
  • Works continuously throughout the pH variations of the digestive tract
  • Improves absorption of amino acids
  • Emulsifies deposits of cholesterol and fibrin
  • Repairs muscle tissue and connective fiber
  • Boosts energy levels, increase alertness and concentration
  • Useful to archive leaner body mass, and/or protein utilization suffers
  • Non-toxic pain reliever
  • Activates plasmin, the body's naturally released fibrinolytic enzyme
  • Thins mucus
  • Dissolves the lsoprin bond on viruses

Neprinol AFD is truly a one-of-a-kind product. Its makers have carefully chosen a combination of quality enzymes, have been able to purify the enzymes so that they reach exceptionally high standards and have placed them within a delivery system that maximizes the absorption of a group of enzymes that can truly make a difference in our health.

Some may wonder, what exactly is an enzyme and why do we need them? Enzymes, actually, are vital to our body functions. They represent a class of protein-based molecules that function by "doing" or facilitating processes inside our body in every one of our body systems.

There are two large categories of enzymes: (1) digestive enzymes that remain in our intestinal system and that help us digest our food, and (2) systemic enzymesthat act within our bodies and are used for many different purposes. Enzymes are the protein-based "tools" our body systems use in order to change one molecule in our body into another or to break a molecule into waste. All of the chemical reactions in our body happen because enzymes make them happen.

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This product has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and should not be used in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical disease.


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