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Beta 1,3-D Glucan Accepted for Inclusion in U.S. Screening Program for Potential SARS Protocols

June 24, 2003 - The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), in collaboration with the U.S. Army has agreed to evaluate Beta 1,3-D Glucan whole glucan particulate as a potential treatment or preventative agent for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Beta glucan

Beta 1,3-D Glucan whole glucan particulate is a patented immune modulator that has shown in numerous animal studies beta glucan has demonstrated its ability to enhance innate immune function.

Enhanced immune system function has been shown to protect more effectively against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and viral, fungal and parasitic infections then suppressed immune system function. Our Beta Glucan is one of thousands of compounds that the NIAID is testing to find a treatment for SARS. Under a cooperative agreement with NIAID and USAMRIID, our Beta Glucan may also be evaluated against Smallpox, West Nile Virus, Vaccinia and Cowpox.

In March, the company published promising animal research on the ability of our Beta Glucan to enhance the innate immune system to protect against anthrax. The study, published in the Journal Medscape General Medicine, was the result of more than a decade of ongoing research on immune modulators by Defence R and D Canada, an agency within the Canadian Department of National Defence.