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"How can you say that yours is the best Beta Glucan Product on the market?"

Beta Glucan has been one of the most intensely studied immune potentiators ever to come down the pike. Whole Glucan Particulate Beta Glucan from Integrative Research, has had more documented 3rd party scrutiny than any other glucan product on the market today. Please note the following facts and satisfy yourself as to what product you wish to place in your stomach.

1. Beta Force beta glucan has been tested at two major universities. Those tests reflect the following:

  • The carbohydrate (glucan is a polyglucose) content is over 94%.
  • The 1, 3 linkage portion of the glucan is at least 85%. (textbook perfect)
  • The 1, 6 linkage is within the textbook limits to confirm a proper molecule.
  • The other glucan linkages are appropriate according to textbook limits.
  • There are no signs of excess mannose or glucose. (Spiking to create false data)

2. A combination of at least 3 independent labs have confirmed that the Beta Glucan manufactured and sold by Beta Force virtually non-detectable levels of fats (making the material indigestible as an immune modulator) and proteins (causing possible complications with persons with allergies).

3. Combinations of at least 3 independent labs have confirmed that the average particulate size of Beta Force's material is from 0-1.95 microns. (Czop's work at Harvard showed a 5 micron average) Of the material over 1 micron, the maximum shown was 1.95 microns or smaller. The sub-micron material shown by all labs is quite substantial (One competitor's lab indicates some 99.6% is sub-micron, median size was 0.12 microns). The product sold by Sigma Chemical, part #G5011 sells for $198.00 per 100-mg capsule. That product has only a 27% sub-micron population - Beta Force Beta Glucan material far exceeds that amount.

4. Microphotography and expert analysis using standard scientific methods at a major university show that the Beta Glucan product from Integrative Research to possess the same characteristics as those microphotographs published in respected peer-reviewed articles. Their data also showed that the material was free from bacteria, coliforms, and other undesirable components.

5. According to the peer-reviewed data on beta glucan dosage, Beta Glucan from Integrative Research is the only product on the market that meets the standards of safety and efficacy in a therapeutic dose.

Examine closely under identical standards the products you would consider putting in your stomach or the stomach of a loved one. Do not be swayed by psychobabble and "reasonable arguments" in accessing the safety, efficacy and proper therapeutic dosage. It is better to not spend your money than to waste it on a worthless or potentially harmful product.