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Electricity and the Effect on the Immune System

Electricity and the Effect on the Immune System Research on electricity has raised some important concerns regarding both the electric and the magnetic parts of the electromagnetic fields. However, the majority of the concern has focused on the magnetic part of the equation, since repeated studies have associated increased magnetic field levels with an increased incidence of deaths from childhood cancers.

The majority of magnetic field exposures are the result of power lines and electrical wires. Other frequent sources of magnetic fields are electric blankets, waterbeds, fluorescent lights, computers, televisions, telephones, automobiles and appliances. Magnetic fields are impossible to see or feel, but they can be detected by renting or purchasing a device known as a gaussmeter. If electrical wiring is to blame, it can be repaired or reinstalled to comply with low electromagnetic field requirements. Specific sources of magnetic fields can be shielded, and low emission versions of a variety of appliances are now available.

Some anecdotal evidence has suggested that alternating current electrical fields are implicated when some people are sensitive to electricity. They may actually be sensing the AC currents, and people who have this type of sensitivity often experience a number of conditions, ranging from a vague feeling of discomfort to serious irritation. Headaches, fatigue and other symptoms can also occur.

For those who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, or concerned about their possible health implications, there are a number of ways to proceed. Most exposures to electrical fields come from wiring in buildings, while the rest comes from power cords, power lines and appliances. It is easy to reduce electrical fields by painting the walls and ceilings with special shielded paints, and newer electrical wiring can be installed using specially shielded materials. In addition, newer homes often have the ability to turn off some electrical circuits at night, which reduces the fields during the night. Back to introduction - click here

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