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The Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on the Immune System

The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Immune SystemOne of the most important advantages to the alternative and natural approach to health care is its ability to recognize and treat the conditions that lead to disease. This article focuses on a matter that is of great debate in the field of traditional medicine, but one that is recognized by many holistic and alternative medicine practitioners.

The subject at hand is that of the effects of electromagnetic fields on individual health. Electromagnetic fields are a kind of very low frequency radiation that is emitted from many different sources of electricity, including power lines, electrical wiring, transformers, computers, televisions, electric lights, clocks, appliances, etc. Some studies have connected these electromagnetic fields with increased incidence of leukemia, brain cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer, melanoma, birth defects, miscarriages, and even Alzheimer's disease.

Many alternative health care providers believe that this wide range of disorders is the result of the effect electromagnetic radiation has on the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the master gland in the body, and it secretes hormones that regulate many important brain functions, regulate the actions of other glands and control the circadian rhythms of the body.

Researchers have found that electromagnetic radiation can indeed suppress the secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland. Melatonin is the hormone that controls the waking and sleep cycle, and it also regulates moods. Depressed levels of melatonin have been associated with changes in mood, depression and certain psychiatric disorders.

Melatonin is also thought to play a critical role in cancer, mainly through increasing the phytotoxicity of the natural killer lymphocytes in the body. Suppression of this function of the pineal gland has been associated with cancers of the breasts, ovary, and prostate, as well as in the development of melanoma.

Other studies have associated electromagnetic fields with the decreased production of enzymes known as protein kinases in cells of the lymphocyte system. These studies have also indicated that electromagnetic fields can have a suppressing effect on the immune system to the point where rates of cancer can double or even triple.

In addition to cancer, suppressed immune systems can have other negative effects as well. Some of these many health issues include increases in colds and flu, more allergies and greater susceptibility to a number of other health problems.

It certainly seems that disorders of the immune system, from allergies to lupus to AIDS, are on the rise, and many alternative health care providers feel that electromagnetic fields are to blame. A natural, alternative approach to health care indicates that these fields could be a cause of the rise in disorders of the immune system.

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