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Weight Loss

Weight LossDid you know that many people who are overweight have the misfortune of being insulin resistant as well and that insulin resistance only compounds the problem of being overweight? It's a nasty cycle and one that an all-natural dietary supplement, called Insulaid, can help moderate.

Let's look at the problem of being overweight and suffering from insulin resistance. Obesity and the consumption of refined sugars are closely related. When an individual eats refined sugar, the endocrine system, including the pancreas, gets stimulated. The pancreas puts out insulin in response to the intake of sugar.

Insulin is a hormone responsible for lowering the blood sugar. It does so, not by allowing sugar to be metabolized, but by storing it away in your body. Unless you're in immediate need of sugar, insulin makes sure that you simply hang onto it. Often, insulin is poured out into the blood steam to the point where the blood sugar level becomes too low. Low blood sugar makes you feel hungry, jittery and gives you the feeling that you need to consume more sugar to correct the blood sugar imbalance.

The cycle of eating, insulin release and low blood sugar occurs over and over again not only worsens obesity but requires that the pancreas release increasing amounts of insulin to do the job. The pancreas becomes exhausted and your tissues become resistant to anything but very high levels of insulin. If the process continues unchecked, some individuals eventually develop diabetes.

Diabetes brings with it a whole new range of problems, such as vascular disease, high cholesterol and a condition known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when an individual has an excess of dangerous free radical molecules in the body. If not controlled by natural antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals, the result is tissue and organ damage, including arterial plaque formation and kidney damage.

Insulaid can help you manage your weight and keeps insulin levels in check. Consider the benefits: (1) with insulin levels controlled, the blood sugar in your body is kept from being packed away and is available for metabolism, and (2) you can avoid the fluctuations in blood sugar that can make you hungry enough to put on more weight.

Insulaid contains several healthful nutritional agents. A highly purified extract of cinnamon, called Cinnulin AF, has been shown through independent research to promote a 20-fold increase in glucose metabolism and is known to regulate insulin release. In addition, Cinnulin AF has antioxidant and lipid-lowering properties.

Chromium and Vanadium, minerals that are integral to the regulation of insulin function. Ginseng in Insulaid helps lift your mood, aids in keeping blood sugars steady and is helpful in weight reduction. Fenugreek is added as a dietary fiber that keeps your bowels moving and can absorb sugar, keeping it from being taken up by the intestines.

When you're overweight, you balance your blood sugars and keep out-of-control insulin levels from packing away ingested sugar. Blood sugar can be more easily metabolized when you're active. Insulaid also provides you with the necessary fiber to tie up the sugars in your intestinal tract, reducing its absorption. The antioxidant effect of these compounds aids in overall free radical scavenging and reduces the risk of oxidative stress. It's clear that Insulaid is a valuable aid for anyone who wants to reduce the health risks involved in being overweight while promoting weight loss at the same time.

If properly manfactured, they will have no side effects and contains no natural substances considered unsafe for human consumption. Rather, Insulaid, along with a healthy diet and increased physical activity, can improve your overall health, reduce your risk of becoming overweight and reduce other negative factors associated with obesity. Insulaid can put you on a fast track toward weight loss without side effects or risk.