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Nitrite Oxide Production and Immune Support

Compare Immune System Support Products and Phagocytosis

Nitrite Oxide is also known as Nitrogen Monoxide, with chemical formula NO, is a molecule found in abundance in the human body. It is biosynthesized from L-Arginine (an amino acid) by a group of enzymes known as Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS).

Pin Nitrite Oxide Production and Immune Support and whys is it so important for immmune support products

These enzymes require some cofactors for proper functioning and these cofactors include NADPH, FAD, Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) and lron, NADPH is made from Niacin while FAD is made from Ribo?avin so consumption of food with high lron, Niacin and Ribo?avin such as green leafy vegetables, fruits and liver is for the production of NO[1].

The most important cofactor for the production of Nitrite Oxide is BH4 and the synthesis of BH4 is dependent on the availability of Vitamin C and Folate[2]. Therefore consumption of foods such as fruits and vegetables for vitamin C and whole grains, fish, legumes, lean meat, poutry, nuts and eggs for Folate is important. If a person feels that they are not getting enough of these vitamins and lron from their diet, then they can get supplements and they can also take L-Arginine supplements for increased Nitrite oxide production[3].

If you are reviewing immune support supplements to determine which ones actually produce beneficial results, nitrite oxide production is one of the processes you need to be looking for in a high quality product. Science has established it play a vital role. For the most part, manufactures totally abandoned this important immune support indicator. IL-2 production, as described above and detailed further below play a significant role in immune support. Here are the other more significant components and processes of the immune system;

  • IL-2 production; or (IL-2) is a regulatory peptide that is required for growth and differentiation of lymphocytes and antigen-specific T lymphocytes.
  • Phagocytosis; is a major function of immune support. It is the starting point of the immune systems attack on a invader...
  • Superoxide Anion; is a compound that has several functions. It is utilized by the immune system to kill foreign pathogens and microorganisms.

In the independent peer reviewed study "B1,3-Glucan: Silver Bullet or Hot Air; Vetvicka. Open Glycoscience, 2010, 3, 1-6" Beta Force Beta Glucan material was independently tested against over sixteen other more popular immune support supplements for Nitrite Oxide production and the other listed processes and compounds listed above. Below you will see the graphed results of the study as well as a further details on the importance of Nitrite Oxide production and its role in immune support.

Functions of Nitrite Oxide in the body include;

Vasodialation of blood vessels - the synthesis of Nitrite Oxide results in phosphorylation of some proteins and this causes the relaxation of smooth muscles which leads to the vasodialation of arteries and results in an increase in blood flow.

Immune System Supplements and Nitrite Oxide Production
Sixteen of the most popular immune support products were tested for Nitrite Oxide production. Beta Force beta glucan provided the best results[8].
Through vasodilation, nitrite oxide plays a central role in the erection of the penis and also in renal control of extracellular fluid homeostasis. It also plays a key role in regulating blood flow and blood pressure and it also inhibits the growth and contraction of vascular smooth muscle, platelet aggregation and adhesion of leukocyte to the endothelium and by so doing it keeps the blood vessels healthy and improves vessel homeostasis[4].

It also plays a great role in the immune system where phagocytes including macrophages, monocytes, and neutrophils produce nitrite oxide for the purpose of killing bacteria[5]. NO is produced by the immune system as a free radical which is toxic to bacteria and destroys it by damaging its DNA, degradation of its iron sulphur centers into iron-nitrosyl compounds and iron ions.

Beta Glucan

NO also serves as a neurotransmitter between nerve cells. The NO molecule is capable of diffusing widely and entering cells even without being connected by a synapse and its short half life of a few seconds ensures that the action is restricted to a small area. NO is also very important in learning and memory[6].

Other roles played by NO in the body include modulation of the hair cycle[7] and production of reactive nitrogen intermediaries. It is also used to assess the existence and severity of an inlammation in people who have asthma and this has lead to the introduction of breath tests that use exhaled Nitrite Oxide to test for in?ammation of the ain/vays. NO is produced in larger quantities in people living in high altitudes and it helps them avoid hypoxia by helping in vasodilation of their pulmonary vasculature.

Beta Force provided the highest nitrite oxide response rate of all products studied[8]. It also provided the best results for the other following immune support responses;

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