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Independently Verified for Quality

When comparing Beta Glucan products; Beware of Marketers who try to sell you products "at wholesale" or "big discounts," you could be purchasing garbage. Five questions you should be asking when looking for a Beta Glucan product are:

1) What is the Actual Content Percentage of Active Beta Glucanquestion_mark Many manufactures refuse to provide proof their products even contain Beta Glucan and they use the term "Beta glucan" to sell their products. "Beta glucan" is a general term and is used by marketers and manufactures alike to confuse us. You have to know the proper "beta glucan" linkage term to understand what is going on and how to identify a high quality beta glucan product from a low quality one.

Discover how to identify a high quality Beta glucan products for yourself by reviewing the information on the site. This site also allows you to review the independent tests conducted on the top Beta Glucan products.

Some of the marketing strategies presently being used;

  • One company is selling a product they claim is 95% pure, yet the company's manufacturing specification sheet proves it only contains 75% AND their product comes in 750mg capsules. What is the extra 250mgsquestion fats, proteins or fillers? To investigate this for yourself - click here

  • Another company is selling a product for about half the cost using graphs that prove they are not telling the truth (hint: they are selling 60-450mg capsules yet the graph shows that there is 475.2mg of active Beta Glucan in each capsule for about half the price of the actual high quality material. Another is promoting their 200mg product using the same graphs.) You can't get 475.2mg of material in a 450mg capsule, nor can you get that amount in a 200mg one.

  • Still another tries to downplay the importance of "active linkage." Active linkage has been one of the main quality standards set by universities and medical labs worldwide for determining the effectiveness of a Beta glucan product[1]. This manufacturer further goes on to directly name and accuse another manufacturer of shady business practices, yet the accused has won numerous suits of patent violations in court. Further, the accusers "Certificate of Analysis" does not even list the ANY Beta glucan content. It appears they never even tested for it! If you look at their site you will see that it is more marketing hype than actual independent research information.

  • and still another claims theirs is the purest because they use a enzymatic purification extraction process from a European lab, however they offer no independent proof of purity or effectiveness and their label says its bakers yeast, yet their webiste says its a barley derived product. Barley derived beta glucan has not been shown to be an effective at immune support. They also claim their product is "90% pure" pure whatquestion_mark They provide absolutely no independent proof what so ever that their product provides any immune support. We must repeat this important issue, barley beta glucan has not proven to be an effective immune support agent.

  • All the important historical medical research and findings have been based on 80% or higher total beta 1, 3-d glucan linkage[1].

2) How Much Proteins and Fat Does it Containquestion_mark Testing has shown high concentrations of either of these two substances reduce the effectiveness of glucan products and the presence of yeast may cause adverse side effects. It is safe for people with yeast allergies providing it is as pure as possible. However, it is impossible to remove all of the proteins during the extraction process, there is always residual amounts left in any product. It is the amount left that is important, it must be below 5%.

3) How Much Filler Does it Havequestion_mark Filler is used to increase the weight of a product. It is completely inert and carries no beneficial value.

4) Is There Independent Research Verifies the Quality and Effectiveness of the Product you are Reviewingquestion_mark Independent studies carried out by reputable and recognized labs, universities and government agencies to insure unbiased accurate results that prove the claims of the manufacture that the product is pure, effective and free from contaminates.

5) The MOST important Fact: All peer-reviewed literature as well as their associated studies, that have produced all the amazing results have been completed on material that has a 80% or higher active Beta-1, 3-D glucan linkage. There is NO published research on Beta Glucan with Active Linkage below 80%. Also, there are many glucan linkages that can be present in a Beta Glucan product (1/6, 2/3, 3/4, etc...). This is where you hear manufactures and marketers touting 90%...95% pure products. They are talking about the total glucan linkage count (1/3d+1/6+2/3+3/4+ etc...= Purity%) however only one linkage, the 1, 3-D is the subject of intense scientific studies and incredible results[1]. This site educates you on how to determine for yourself how to identify a high quality Beta Glucan Product.

Many products lay claim to "we are the best" when it comes to supporting our immune system. However, how do you know a statement such as that is truequestion_mark

An important fact we all need to understand: If a product claims to support immune system function and claims to have tests to back it up, the most important facts we all need to remember and adhere to is what type of immune support test was used and, was it tested independently at a respected location, such as a university and/or a well established

Types of immune support tests can vary widely. However one of the most excepted ones, by medical academia, is testing for phagocytosis. However, many marketers and manufacturers use a single response characteristic, such as natural killer cell response and they do not compare thier products immune response against someone else's. Eating dirt can give you an immune response.

So how do you know how effective it isquestion

This single response test is flawed because it is showing the response of a single component of the immune system.

The immune system is made up of many components and all come into play when a challenge occurs.

This type of single response test is like looking at a single tree versus the whole forest. When you are fighting an infection, does one component respond, or do manyquestion

Phagocytosis is defined as the engulfing and ingestion of bacteria or other foreign bodies by phagocytes. Phagocyte means a "cell that can eat". They not only engulf, but they break down foreign material. Three of the main cells that are tasked with this job are;

  • neutrophils
  • monocytes
  • dendritic

Phagocytosis is the most important defense mechanism against infection and disease. It is what is used by professionals worldwide to qualify an effective immune support product.

It is this rate of response of this process which can mean the success or failure of the immune system to destroy the invader/threat[2]. Phagocytosis also is the mechanism by which the body disposes of dead or dying cells[3]. Cell injury is the starting point for most diseases[4].

Independent tests confirm which immune support products actually support our immune systems.

The graph below represents independent tests results, carried out at the University of Louisville, on the ability of various Beta Glucan products to increase phagocytosis. The tests carried out by the University of Louisville were published in JANA, a well respected peer-reviewed medical journal.

Is your product among the ones testedquestion