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Beta Force Beta Glucan Research

beta glucan research

Over the last several decades, many researchers and clinicians have examined the effects of Beta-1, 3-D glucan.

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Discover the independent peer reviewed medical research on Arteriosclerosis, Cancer, Monoclonal Antibodies), E-Coli Study, Fatigue and Illness in Athletes, General Immune System Enhancement, Infectious Disease, Influenza (the flu), Radiation Protection, Staph Infection, Stress Management, Workout Recovery, Wound Healing, White Blood Cell Count and more..

You will find various natural sources of Beta Glucans however they are most often extracted from yeast cell walls. Bakers yeast is regarded as the most common and possibly the best raw material for glucan extraction. Other sources of glucan are derived from mushroom, grain and seaweed. Assorted data on assessment of structure, molecular size, and biological influences can be found in medical research literature.

As a result of the lack of extensive critical reviews analyzing the biological outcomes of glucans isolated from numerous sources, and in spite of substantial research, no final conclusion continues to be reached so far. That's the objective of these studies paper.

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Beta Force Beta Glucan Material is Supported by Independent Preclinical and Clinical Studies Against (Click the link to review the study in detail):

Study 1

Anthrax Study

Study 2

Arteriosclerosis Study

Study 3

Cancer Study

Study 4

Beta Glucan and Monoclonal Antibody Study Results

Study 5

E-Coli Study

Study 6

Fatigue and Illness in Athletes

Study 7

General Immune System Enhancement Study

Study 8

Infectious Disease Study

Study 9

Influenza (the flu) Study

Study 10

Radiation Protection Study

Study 11

Staph Infection Study

Study 12

Stress Management

Study 13

Workout Recovery Study

Study 14

Wound Healing Study

Study 15

White Blood Cell Count

Study 16

University of Louisville Test Results Comparisons.

Study 17

Open Glycoscience Test Results Comparisons.

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