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What to look for in products claiming to contain Beta-1, 3-D glucan and what is the difference between them.

  • There are many unscrupulous companies out there offering substandard products. An independent 3rd party purity test verification by a well recognized lab is a safe way of determining the quality of the products. Do other manufactures post their results online for you to review?

  • No one can debate that a Beta glucan derived from bakers yeast is safe and effective, if, sufficient fats and proteins have been removed. In fact the FDA has issued a GRAS rating for baker's yeast and its extracts. This removal process must be done without disturbing the precise molecules that provides the cellular activity described in so many medical articles (You may have a key that starts your car, but if you bend or break it, it will not be able to start the car).

  • One company does not purify the baker's yeast they label as Beta glucan. Countless thousands have been duped over the "micro-sized" particle scam, on the pretense that the smaller they grind the particle size, the better it will pass through the system. Go to MEDLINE, search the effective, human, oral dose. You will find that human studies show grams, not trace amounts used, to be effective.

  • Another company is selling a product for about half the cost using graphs that prove they are not telling the truth (hint: they are selling 450mg capsules yet their graph shows that there is 475.2 mg of active 1,3/1,6 glucose for about half the price of ours. You can't get 475.2mg of material in a 450mg capsule). After further research on this company's product you will discover that they can only guarantee 60+% active content. We guarantee 25% above that or higher! (i.e. 85% active glucose or higher). To investigate this for yourself - click here.

  • Most products that claim to contain Beta-1, 3-D glucan(BG) have a purity level of only 2% to 7.5% of actual Beta glucan. Purity level is one of the most important aspects of highly effective products. Effectiveness of products appear to greatly decrease if the purity level falls below 90%. Our Beta glucan material have been independently assay tested and the results of the tests have concluded that the product(s) have been shown to contain a 94.3% purity level of 1/3,1/6,2/3 and 3/6 linkage. Look for the Transfer Point Glucan 300® symbol when investigating a product. A product displaying this symbol indicates a high purity product. The studies that confirm this fact were independently completed at the University of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, "supported in part by the Department of Energy-funded (DE-FG09-93ER-20097) Center for Plant and Microbial Complex Carbohydrates." If another company claims to have a high purity product, can they bring forth independent proof of there purity levels? Further;

  • The material contained in the Beta Force® line of products has been tested at major universities. Those tests reflect the following:

    • The carbohydrate (glucan is a polyglucose) content is a least 94%
    • The 1, 3 linkage portion of the glucan is at least 85%. (textbook perfect)
    • The 1, 6 linkage is within the textbook limits to confirm a proper molecule
    • The other glucan linkages are appropriate according to textbook limits
    • There are no signs of excess mannose or glucose. (Spiking to create false data)
  • A combination of at least 3 independent labs have confirmed that the Beta Force® line of products has virtually non-detectable levels of fats (making the material indigestible as an immune modulator) and proteins (causing possible complications with persons with allergies).

  • Combinations of at least 3 independent labs have confirmed that the average particulate size of Beta Force® material is from 0-5 microns. (Czop's work at Harvard showed a 5 micron average) Of the material over 1 micron, the average size is from 3-5 microns. The sub-micron material shown by all labs is quite substantial (One lab indicates some 99%). The product sold by Sigma Chemical, similar in quality sells for over $200 per capsule. That product has only a 27% sub-micron population - The Beta Force® line of products have been shown to far exceeds that amount.

  • Microphotography and expert analysis using standard scientific methods at a major university show that the products that display the Transfer Point Glucan 300® symbol possess the same characteristics as those microphotographs published in respected peer-reviewed articles. Their data also showed that the material was free from bacteria, coliforms, and other undesirable components.

  • Micro photography and expert analysis using standard scientific methods at a major university show that the Beta Force products possess the same characteristics as those microphotographs published in respected peer-reviewed articles. Their analysis also showed that they were free from bacteria, coliforms, and other undesirable components. Beta Force products are the only products on the market that meets the standards of safety and efficacy in a therapeutic dose according to scientific data. Check this Independent verification out for yourself - Test 1; Page 1 - Page 2; Test 2; Page 1 - Page 2

  • The Beta Force products line utilizes patented extraction techniques that has been able to produced a material shown to contain high purity Beta 1/3,1/6 Glucan (above 85%), at a greatly reduced price. These techniques provide you with a cost saving of over 95% over other high purity products.

Below is the data collected from various sources on products claiming to contain Beta glucan so you can judge for yourself which product is the best.

BetaMax 500mg 60 45% $69.95
Immudnye 7.5mg 90 Not disclosed $63.95
Immunocorp 375mg 60 Not disclosed $59.96
NSC-24 3mg 60 Not disclosed $49.95
NSC-100 10mg 60 Not disclosed $94.95
Beta Force 100's 100mg 60 Less than 8% $29.95
Beta Force 500's 500mg 60 Less than 8% $69.95

The only product(s) that appear to be close in purity to Beta Forces are manufactured by Sigma-Aldrich, which are not available to purchase "over the counter." However, if they were, review of the cost is appropriate.

Sigma product number G5011, a bakers yeast derived Beta glucan product, sells for $235 for a 100 mg capsule. That's one capsule, not sixty. So, if you purchased one bottle of Beta 500's for $69.95, you would have a total of around 30,000 mg's of actual product available for intake. If you could purchase the same total milligram amount of the Sigma product your cost would be $70,500.00, a difference/savings of $70,430.05. I don't know of anybody who would be willing to pay that amount, especially when they can purchase a product that has been shown to be higher, or comparable, in purity and quality, for around $70.

You can visit Sigma-Aldrich's website at www.sigma-aldrich.com to help confirm this information for yourself. However you will have to register with the website to acquire the price. You can search the site by the product number or the name "Beta glucan." Please note their site is constantly changing so you may have to follow other procedures to confirm the price.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS. Testing by these entities does not necessarily mean said entities endorse products.

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