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Syntol AMD: Breakdown of a High Quality Probiotic Supplement

After reviewing all the probiotics available on the market only one meets the demands we have set for a high quality probiotic product. Lets review a summary of what makes a high quality probiotic product;

  1. Protected against stomach acid.
  2. No artificial methods to protect against stomach acid.
  3. Not temperature sensitive.
  4. Long shelf life.
  5. Not pressed into pill form.
  6. Correct bacterial strains that compliment each other and do not complete.
  7. Contain prebiotics.
  8. Designed to breakdown yeast.

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1. Protected against stomach acid: Syntol AMD uses a a new revolutionary and novel process technology. It is called spore germination technology. This naturally based technology protects the bacteria from acidic conditions, as well as extreme heat and cold. It delivers the probiotic spores to the proper location rather than living bacteria. These spores then attach themselves to the inside of the intestinal mucosa and begin to germinate forming the probiotic bacteria. Spore germination technology is an extremely dependable means for delivering probiotics in less than ideal conditions[1].

2. No artificial methods to protect against stomach acid:By mimicking the same process found in nature, Syntol AMD probiotic bacteria is sent into a highly resistant state, that can resist stomach acids as well as other body components that can destroy the beneficial bacteria. In nature the spore stage occurs "for survival."

3. Not temperature sensitive: Syntol AMD is not temperature sensitive. By reducing the probiotics to the spore state using spore germination technology, they resist temperatures that would normally destroy other probiotic products[2].

4. Long shelf life: Spore germinated probiotics do not require glass packaging or refrigeration.You don't need to refrigerate this product. Some types of spores found in nature can exist for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

5. Not pressed into pill form: Syntol AMD is produced in powdered form, then placed into vegetable based capsules[3].

6. Correct bacterial strains that won't compete against each other: Syntol AMD contains 13.6 billion cfu's of beneficial bacteria in a proprietary blend. The bacterial species are B. subtilus, L. helvecticus, S. boulardi, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, L. lactis and B. bifidum. These bacteria are all complimentary to one another and help each other complete the task of proper bacterial flora requirments. Many of them produce hydrogen peroxides that kill bad bacteria and fungi.

7. Contain prebiotics: Syntol AMD contains Inulin, unlike most other carbs and starches, inulin isn't broken down in the digestive tract. This provides for a much lower impact on blood sugar, unlike other prebiotics and has very few calories. It also improves the health of the colon by feeding healthy bifidobacteria in the intestine, helps with mineral absorption[4].

8. Designed to breakdown yeast: Yeast thrives in extremely non-oxygenated (anaerobic) conditions. Syntol AMD facilitates an extremely oxygenated environment. Further, the outer cell walls of yeast are made of protein and are extremely tough. Candida albicans is one such yeast. Syntol AMD uses a blend of protease (protein-digesting), celluslase (cellulose-digesting), hemicellulase (hemicellulose-digesting), serrapeptase, amylase and glucoamylase (starch-digesting) enzymes. These enzymes can strip away the candida's protective protein shell so the remaining components are left vulnerable to the probiotics.

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Syntol AMD is likely the most powerful and effective synbiotic combination available today. This combination of prebiotics and probiotics has been carefully designed and manufactured and is intended to help you optimize your overall health and bodily functions.

Syntol AMD: A Synbiotic for Your Health

In general, a probiotic product contains an indigenous, nonpathogenic (healthy) microorganism (usually a type of bacteria) that is known to provide benefits to an individual whenever he or she takes it. Because probiotics act first on the gastrointestinal system, they are usually taken orally (although some doctors are using probiotics in other ways).

Syntol AMD does not need refrigerated, unlike most probiotics contain live bacteria, they must be refrigerated and have a shortened shelf life when compared to other things, such as vitamin supplements. Click here for ingredients.

Suggested use: Take 1 to 4 capsules with 8oz. of water between meals or as directed by your helth care physician.

One of the problems with some probiotic preparations is that they contain strains of bacteria that compete against or actually kill one another when they begin to multiply in the intestinal tract. In addition, research has found that the particular strain of probiotic in any given product is very important, as some strains work well for some things and not for others. The makers of Syntol AMD have taken these issues into account when selecting the bacterial combination in this product so that the strains are those that don't compete with one another. In addition, strains that are particularly effective have been included for maximum effectiveness.

Unfortunately, many probiotics are provided in pill form, which dissolve slowly and so you may not get the entire tablet dissolved. Because of this problem, tablets may not be as potent as they are intended. Syntol AMD provides its probiotic bacteria in a powdered form inside a capsule which dissolves easily. In addition, Syntol AMD uses the "spore" form of multiple kinds of probiotics. Spores are bacteria that, due to unfavorable growing conditions, dehydrate themselves until growing conditions are right. In the spore form, bacteria are very resilient to environmental stress and do not need to be refrigerated. This is a revolutionary new process that delivers probiotic to the exact area they are needed to ensure optimum benefits.

The makers of Syntol AMD have taken healthy bacteria and have forced them into their spore state so that they are well-protected and long-lasting without refrigeration until they reach the intestines when the conditions are right to begin to rehydrate, to grow and to multiply. This makes the potential for ongoing high potency of the product much greater than in refrigerated products.

Probiotics are taken in order to correct an imbalance in the intestinal micro-environment-an imbalance consisting of an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria or Candida. (Candida, in particular, has become a common opportunistic infection in the intestines.) Imbalances in the intestinal flora have been found to be related to infectious diarrhea conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, immune-based gastrointestinal conditions (such as Crohn's disease), systemic Candida infections, food allergies and other allergic conditions.

Science is rapidly catching on and is actively researching and using probiotics for a variety of conditions.

Researchers have clearly established that our intestinal cells and our immune system can discriminate between healthy and unhealthy bacteria. It seems that healthy bacteria stimulate a "Toll receptor" in the intestinal wall that allows it to be identified as being "healthy". Other studies have shown a clear difference in the body's immune response when exposed to healthy bacteria or to unhealthy bacteria.

We also know that healthy bacterial strains, up to 400 different strains at any given time, exist inside our intestinal tract all the time, that they provide protection against pathogenic (bad) bacteria by competing against them for receptor sites and that they assist in digestion as a part of a normal, healthy process that is occurring all the time.

It is also known that now, more than ever, the prevalence of imbalances in the intestinal tract is very high. Because of the unnecessary overuse of strong antibiotics in the treatment of mild conditions, the consumption of animals that were raised on antibiotics, the prevalence of immune deficiency states, the ingestion of preservatives in our food and water and the consumption of high sugar diets, it is estimated that up to 80% of those who live in industrial, Western societies have some degree of imbalance in the intestinal flora. The probiotic portion of Syntol AMD is designed to correct this balance.

A prebiotic product includes a substance that is not digestible by our bodies but instead provides for healthy bacteria the means for growth and nourishment as the bacteria change from the spore form into what eventually will become a healthy colony of bacteria. The makers of Syntol AMD chose a group of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), a short-chain sugar-like substance for this purpose. Because we don't digest it, the FOS molecules pass completely through our stomach and into the part of the intestines where the newly-growing bacteria can use these molecules.

Added yeast protection is provided by Syntol AMD as well. Because Candida species (or yeast) overgrowth is such a problem in many cases of intestinal imbalances, Syntol AMD contains powerful enzymes that specifically attack the yeast component of the intestinal flora. Protease and Serrapeptase attack the tough protein shell of the Candida organism. Beneath that layer is a cell wall layer made of cellulose and chitin. In order to destroy this layer, Syntol AMD has added cellulase and chitosinase that dissolve the Candida's cell wall, leaving it defenseless and unable to attach to the wall or to multiply effectively. Candida is then quickly destroyed.

Because there are toxins inside Candida organisms that can make you sick during the dying-out process, Syntol AMD provides for the quick excretion of the Candida, along with other bacteria, from the body.

It's important to remember a few things:

(1) In nearly all research studies, it was noted that much more investigation is needed as it appears that synbiotic combinations are beneficial in a wide variety of situations-some that we have yet to determine.

(2) The best chance for a synbiotic preparation to be helpful is to include a wide variety of probiotic bacteria that do not kill or compete with one another. Perhaps there will be a day that we can identify exactly which strains work to help which different conditions, but as yet, a combination probiotic product is the best choice.

(3) In no situation or research study was the use of synbiotics such as Syntol AMD ever shown to have any adverse effects-even on premature babies.


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It appears, then, that Syntol AMD provides a safe and effective way for you to change the microflora of your gut and to maximize your gut health in a completely natural way. In addition, as a supplement to your daily diet, the use of Syntol AMD can have far reaching benefits beyond that of intestinal health.

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Because most probiotics contain live bacteria, they must be refrigerated and have a shortened shelf life when compared to other things, such as vitamin supplements. Click here for ingredients. Suggested use: Take 1 to 4 capsules with 8oz. of water between meals or as directed by your helth care physician.

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